Come to You’re Maker, make a project, eat some cake, and have all your party goers leave with something they created.

Sewing Party

Machine Parties

3 hours
For 8 years old and up
Maximum of 6 kids
$45/person (includes materials)

Sew a tote, emoji pillow, drawstring bag, cloud pillow, letter pillow, or a combination of small projects!  We can create a special project or two based on your creative’ kid’s interests.  You can bring food/drinks and decorations…we will supply 3 hours of instruction, space, and fun!

Hand Sewing

2 hours
4-7 year olds
Maximum 8 kids
$30/person (includes materials)

Make a pencil case, pillow, hand bag, keychain, or jewelry…all while learning the basics of hand sewing.  You’re Maker will supply 2 hours of instruction, our space, and lots of fun!  You bring the cake and balloons and we will do the rest!

Jewelry Party

2 hours
4+ year olds
Maximum 8 kids
Starting at $30/kid (includes materials)

This is our most popular birthday party.  String some beads, create a trendy piece, create your own pendant out of clay…we can find a jewelry project that works with your interests.  You’re Maker will help you find the perfect project for your birthday kid…then all you need to do is bring cake and balloons!

Craft Party

1.5 hours
4+ years old
Maximum 6 kids
Starting at $25/kid

Have a theme but no ideas?  We can help you create a fun and cute craft project to go with your theme.  You’re Maker will provide the space, supplies and instruction…you bring the cake…and presents. Don’t forget the presents!

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