Cactus Tutorial

The cactus pincushion is a favorite in the shop.  Yes, it can be used as a pincushion, but it can also be used as quirky decor.  It is a conversation piece, for sure.  Here is how you can make one at home.

Pattern (Set printer to print actual size/no scaling or fitting to page)
-1 sheet of green craft felt
-1 4 inch square of brown felt
-Coordinating embroidery floss
-Embroidery needle
-Floral foam
-Serrated knife
-Small terra-cotta pot (3.25 in diameter)
-Hot glue

Step 1: Using pattern, cut 6 pieces of cactus from the green felt and 1 circle from the brown felt.

Step 2:  Line up two pieces of cactus and sew around sides and top using a blanket stitch.  Repeat for remaining pieces of cactus.  You should end up with 3 cactus parts.

Step 3:  Line up 3 pieces of cactus and sew them together down the middle from top to bottom.  You can sew by hand or with a  machine.

Step 4:  Stuff that cactus.  There will be 6 sections of the cactus to stuff.

Step 5:  Center the stuffed cactus on the felt circle.  Using a whip stitch, sew the cactus to the circle around the base of the cactus.

Step 6:  Using your serrated knife, cut the foam around the edges until it fits snuggly in the flower pot.

Step 7:  Hot glue the bottom of the cactus to the top of the floral foam and then hot glue the foam into the flower pot.



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